Tuesday, May 14, 2019

How to Use SEC-E9 Machine Cut Tubular key?

In this article keycuttingmachine will show you how to use SEC-E9 machine to cut tubular key,hope it helps!

what is a tubular key?
Tubular keys are short keys with a hollow shaft most often used to open vending machines to retrieve coins and cash. A universal tubular key is one that is cut to fit a set of machines so that there is not a separate key for each machine.

Monday, April 22, 2019

CGDI MB Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection

For traditional method for Benz EIS data collection,it will take you about several hours.It is inefficient,so here I share the guide on how to solve Benz EIS data collect inefficiently,here I take Benz W164 as example.
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (1)

CGDI Benz Prog
CGDI Benz AC Adapter

And for the Benz key programming you can reference this video guide:

Run CGDI MB Monster software and select “Wiring Diagram”,then check the wire harness diagram
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (2)
Follow the wire diagram to build wire harness connection
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (3) Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (4)

Select “EIS” option at left menu bar,then click “Read EIS data”
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (5)
After reading EIS data,click “Compute Password” at left menu bar
Chose “Copy key without key”,and click “Collect Data”.
Then select “Platform mode(Quick collect)” and click “OK” to start data collection.Note:Here need CGDI MB AC Adapter
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (6)
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (7)
Please insert the simulation key within 1 minutes,if you have inserted,please pull out and try again.
(Please turn the quick collect adapter switch to the Platform position.Turn the key to ignition ON position)
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (8)
It will take you about 6 minutes to collect data,please wait…
Note:By traditional method,you need spend hours
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (9)
After data collection completing,save the data on your laptop
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (10)
Then click “Upload Data” button to upload the data you save just now for password caculation
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (11)
Upload data successfully,please click “Query Reqults” buttons to query
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (12)
Calculation successfully
Benz W164 All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Collection (13)

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Launch X431 CRP429C Smart & Manual Diagnostic Guide

Here obd2 share the guide on how to use Launch X431 CRP429C smart & manual diagnosis function.

Launch CRP429C Smart Diagnosis:
After connection, turn the ignition key on and the system enters auto-detect mode.
Note: To detect more and accurate VINs, a stable network connection is highly recommended for this function.
CAUTION: Don’t connect or disconnect any test equipment with ignition on or engine running.
A. Once the system successfully obtains the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) information of the currently identified vehicle, it will continue scanning the vehicle systems. After the scanning is complete, a diagnostic report will be automatically generated and sent to your email box (if bound).
B. If the tool failed to access the VIN information, the screen will display as below:

Input the VIN, and tap “OK”, the system will automatically identify the vehicle
model. If the vehicle VIN is successfully decoded, it will perform autodiagnosis
until a diagnostic report is automatically output. Otherwise it will
enter manual diagnosis mode.
• The most recognizable location for this number is in the top left corner on the
vehicle’s dashboard. Other locations include the driver’s door or post, and the
firewall under the hood.
• In general, vehicle identification numbers are standardized - all contain 17
characters. VIN characters may be capital letters A through Z and numbers
1 through 0; however, the letters I, O and Q are never used in order to avoid
mistakes of misreading. No signs or spaces are allowed in the VIN.

Here is video guide on how to use Launch X431 CRP429 to diagnose for BMW

Launch CRP429C Manual Diagnosis
If the tool can not obtain the VIN information, you can also perform vehicle
diagnosis manually. In this mode, you need to execute the menu-driven
command and then follow the on-screen instruction to proceed.
• Before diagnosing, please make sure the diagnostic program corresponding to certain vehicle model has been installed on your CRP429C.
• For vehicles manufactured by different vendors, it is possible that it has different
diagnostic menus. For details, please follow the instructions on the screen to proceed.Refer to the flowchart illustrated as below to diagnose a vehicle manually:

Take Demo as an example to demonstrate how to diagnose a vehicle.
1). Select diagnostic software version: Tap the “DEMO” to go to Step 2.

2). Select test item: Select the desired test item to proceed.

More information about Launch CRP429C,please check here:

Friday, April 5, 2019

Autel MaxiCOM MK908P Wireless Diagnostic Interface

 Autel MaxiCOM MK908P VCI – Wireless Diagnostic Interface

 Functional Description

1. Vehicle Data Connector (DB15-Pin)
2. Power LED – illuminates solid green when powered on
3. Vehicle LED – flashes green when communicating with the vehicle's network
4. Error LED – illuminates solid red when serious hardware failure occurs;also flashes red when performing software/firmware update
5. BT LED – illuminates solid green when connected with the MaxiCOM display tablet through BT communication
6. USB LED – illuminates solid green when the device is properly connected and communicating with the MaxiCOM display tablet via the USB cable
7. USB Port

The Wireless Diagnostic Interface supports both BT and USB communication.
It can transmit vehicle data to the MaxiCOM Display Tablet with or without a
physical connection. The working range of the transmitter through BT
communication is about 755 feet (about 230 m). A signal lost due to moving
out of range automatically restores itself when the display unit is brought
closer to the VCI unit.


Monday, April 1, 2019

Toyota Techstream V14.00.018 free download: No pass, no activation

Toyota Techstream V14.00.018 free download on mega (No pass & no activation). Techstream V14.00.018 is already tested working fine.

Toyota Techstream V14.00.018 free download:




(Guide: run Toyota Launcher.exe to start software, Support 13.30.018, 14.00.018)

Date: 02/2019

- Install both

- password: Not required

- Activation: install Patch and no need

-Security: Yes, tested by uobdii.com engineer


Wifi version
USB Version
Mini VCI J2534 cable: in testing
Mangoose for Toyota Diagnostics and Reprogramming Interface: in testing Mangoose VCI For Toyota: in testing

Image 1: Toyota Techstream V14.00.018 menu
Image 2: VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA cable

Image 3: Mini VCI J2534 cable

Image 4: Mangoose VCI For Toyota (Support DLC3 Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

For release notes and installation, I'll update soon.

Toyota Techstream V14.00.018 tech support is offered by uobdii.com.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How to Use CGDI MB Prog to Read/Clear/Write Mercedes Benz NEC chips

This mini post show a test report on CGDI Mercedes programmer read,clear,write a NEC chip.And for more CGDI MB programmer test case,please check here:CGDI Benz Test Cases

Note:Download CGDI software here:CGDI BMW BENZ Software Download

step 1 dismantle the key and desolder the NEC chip
step 2 clean the pcb and nec chip before welding back on the board
step 3 identify the nec chip and weld onto the nec board
step 4 select the nec adapter and corresponding chip type
step 5 read key/chip
step 6 reset
cgdi-mb-nec-chip-6 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-7

step 7 if you have key files already, open/write
cgdi-mb-nec-chip-8 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-9 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-10

step 8 read key/chip to confirm the success of key writing
cgdi-mb-nec-chip-11 cgdi-mb-nec-chip-12


CGDI MB is able to read and write NEC chips!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

How to Use Mercedes Benz C6 OEM DoIP Xentry

The VXDIAG For XENTRY Diagnosis VCI does not have its own PC core, battery, fan, or display. Mercedes Benz C6 OEM DoIP Xentry Diagnosis is operated using the VXDIAG For XENTRY Diagnosis Pad via WLAN or a USB cable connection.
1.Please install the 500GB HDD on laptop above 4GB Memory and I5 CPU, and use it on one laptop only. If you change a new laptop, software may get broken and need to ship HDD back to the dealer to copy software again.
Here attach serveral images of software:
vxdiag-benz-star-c6-06 vxdiag-benz-star-c6-07 vxdiag-benz-star-c6-08
Mercedes Benz Connect C4

Monday, February 18, 2019

VVDI MB 4.7.0 New Version Update Information

Here is newest VVDI MB Programmer Tool 4.7.0 Update information,and you can download and update it to this version.

Released notes:
1. This update no need update the firmware
2.Password calculation for ALL KEY LOST:
Support W164/W251(-2009), W221 calculate password when all key lost:
a. Support W164/W251(-2009) get key password with slow method (All KEY LOST, 25minutes-1.5hour)
b. Support W221 get key password with VVDIMB Power Adapter (All KEY LOST, no need re-insert IR, 15minutes)
c. Support W221 get key password with slow method (All KEY LOST, 25minutes-1.5hour)

EIS (FBS3) list: all keys lost
VVDIMB support all key lost EIS type (FBS3) as listed below
W166, W197, W212, W218, W246,W172, W204, W207,W216
W164, W251 (-2009)
W164, W251 (2009-)
W169, W209, W211
W202, W208, W210
W203, W463, W639

VVDI MB car list: all keys lost
VVDI MERCEDES version 4.7.0 supports the following models all keys lost  and can program new keys without soldering:
W166 W197 W212 W218 W246
W172 W204 W207
W164 W251 (-2009)
W164 W251 (2009-)
W169 W209 W211
W202 W208 W210 W203 W463 W639
W639 (2009-)
Test: Tested successfully by one of our customers
VVDI MB V4.7.0 confirmed MB W221 AKL All Keys Lost tested successfully by one of a prominent customers in Libya
This perhaps could be the 1st W221 In the world � to get a set of working keys without having EIS replaced

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How to Solve Hyundai & Kia GDS VCI “CRC Error”

Recently,some customers ask the solution for their Hyundai & Kia GDS VCI "CRC" Error.So here UOBD2 share the procedure to solve this problem.

And for more auto diagnostic tool

Trouble Descriptions:
Installing Hyundai GDS (Global Diagnostic System) software on Win 7 laptop, when come to Hyundai master setup wizard installation step, the system reported an error:

“CRC error: The file C:/gvci/ocx/install/dotnetfx-eng.exe doesn’t match the file in the setup’s.cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be corrupted; contact your software vendor.”

Error screen
Possible reason:
1. Operating system issue
2. Improper installation steps
3. Software damaged

Please follow the video or blog guide (below) to install GDS program. If the Hyundai master setup can be well installed, but others cannot, then send the specific file name that cannot be installed to obd365 customer service. We will resend the file.

We recommend users to choose U-Disk format software rather than CD software. U-Disk format GDS V2.14 software HDD is easier to install.


Thursday, January 3, 2019

FVDI 2015 2016 Device Locked Solution

Here UOBD2 give out the solution to solve FVDI 2015 2016 locked error,hope it helps!
And check here for newest FVDI 2018

The symptoms show as below:
1.FVDI device can not work
2.Green led light of FVDI unit is off
3 .Red-green led of software dongle(red dongle) blink.

Here UOBD2 engineer give the solution:
1.If your FVDI device has not yet been locked,please update the Quick Loader to v7.0 as soon as possible.After updating the Quick Loader,you can run the FVDI correctly.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

How to Update & Active/Add Tokens for Autek IKey820 Programmer

This article show a guide on how to update,active/add tokens for Autek IKey820 Programmer.

Yanhua Mini ACDP

1Autek IKey820 Key Programmer
2PC with Win10/Win8/Win7/XP
3USB cable
Autek IKey820 Update Tool V1.5

Install Update Tool on Your PC
If the update tool “Autek IKey820 Update Tool V1.2” is already installed on your PC before,just skip this step.If not,you need to install it.
Run “Autek Ikey820 Update Tool v1.5.exe”

Note:The update v1.2 need installation,but for v1.5 you can run it directly
Autek IKey820 Update Tool contains three parts including update,active and message from top to bottom

Update Autek IKey820 Key Programmer:
Take the following steps to update Autek IKey820 device:
1.Connect IKey820 to PC via USB cable
2.Open Autek IKey820 update tool on your PC(Your PC need to connect on Internet)
3.Select the device in list and input the SN (usually completed automatically)
4.Click Update button to start updating,wait until the updating completed.

There is something you need to notice in each step.
1) The device should display “USB SD DISK MODE” when connected to PC through USB cable, if not, please unplug the USB cable and plug again. Do not unplug the USB cable or exit from USB SD DISK MODE.
2) If AUTEK IKEY 820 Update Tool is not installed, please install it first, see detail in chapter 2.
3) The DISK and SN should display automatically if the device is connected to PC. If the DISK has no device to select, please unplug the USB cable and plug again. If the DISK has been selected, but SN is empty, please unplug the USB cable and plug again. If it’s still the same, please input SN yourself. The SN should start with “A-”.
4) It may take several minutes to update, it depends on the speed of your internet.

If there is any problem, it will display on message area, check according to the message and try again.

Here are the pages for updating. The SN is just an example, you should use your own SN.
Check SN and DISK before updating.

Wait until update successfully

Update successfully

Activate/Add Token 
Activation means add tokens to your device. If your device runs out of tokens or you want to increase the number of tokens, you can use AUTEK IKey 820 Update Tool to increase tokens.
Take the following steps to activate AUTEK IKey820 device:
1) Supply power to the AUTEK IKey820 device through USB/12V DC adapter/OBD.
2) Go to the ACTIVATE menu, you will see a page with steps to activate your device and the REQ CODE which is need in AUTEK IKey820 Update Tool to get the ANS CODE.
3) Open AUTEK IKey820 Update Tool in your PC.
4) Input the REQ CODE to the AUTEK IKey820 Update Tool and click ACTIVATE button, then you will get the ANS CODE
5) Press OK button on the device and there display the page to input ANS CODE
6) Input the ANS CODE you get in the AUTEK IKEey820 Update Tool. There are two different
7) Press OK button and the page will show the result, SUCCESS or FAILED.
8) You can check your tokens in the ABOUT menu if you activate your device successfully.

Here are the pictures to activate the device. All the SN、REQ CODE and ANS CODE are examples, just ignore them.
Select the ACTIVE menu

The ACTIVE page

Open Autek IKey820 Update Tool and input the REQ CODE

Get the ANS CODE

Input ANS Code

Confirm the ANS CODE you input

Succeed means active successfully

Check the token in About page

 Article from:http://blog.uobdii.com/autek-ikey820-updating-and-activation-guide/