Monday, May 22, 2017

Launch X431PRO & PRO3 Firmware Repair Guide

 Step –by –step procedure on how to fix X431 PRO & X431 PRO3 Firmware.

The software should try and do this automatically after an update, when you go to diagnose a vehicle. If the DBS connector fails to connect to the tablet, or you need to manually do a “firmware fix” then follow these instructions to ensure the latest version of firmware is currently installed on the DBS connector;

    Open the” Launch X431″ app
    Tap the top left “three white lines” icon to open the side menu
    Click on the Profile tab and then “Firmware Fix”
    Firmware Fix screen will prompt instructions
    Make sure DBS connector is connected to a vehicle with sufficient battery power
    Firmware fix should have completed successfully.OBD2

If firmware fix did not finish or complete successfully, this means you already have the latest version of firmware, or you can try restarting the tablet and running through the “firmware fix” again.

Article from: Launch X431 Blog

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